Golden citi Phu My

Being a newly established town with the aim to be a port city in the future, Phu My is immediately eyeed by big real estate companies. According to investors, with many advantages in infrastructure, seaports, industrial zones ... real estate in Phu My promises to bring more opportunities for investors.
Phu My - future port city

Phu My town with a total area of ​​333.84 km2 and possesses many special advantages in terms of position is a key area invested by Ba Ria-Vung Tau province to become a port city in the future.

At present, Phu My is the largest seaport center in the South, which must mention the Cai Mep - Thi Vai deep-water port complex, which is currently the sixth largest in the world, being a deep-water port. In Vietnam, it is possible to receive large tonnage ships carrying goods to Europe and America without having to transit to a third country like Singapore. With the seaport, the orientation of Phu My town is to develop seaport industry - port logistics services by 2030, along with boosting the port logistics industry.

Moreover, this locality is also the focus of large industrial clusters. Phu My town has formed 09/10 industrial zones and 03/05 industrial clusters are operating with a scale of nearly 5000ha. Industrial parks have been put into operation such as Chau Duc Industrial Park, Phu My Industrial Park, My Xuan Industrial Park, Cai Mep Industrial Park, Dong Xuan Industrial Park, Cua Lo Industrial Park ... annually attract a large number of workers to the living area and work.

With the potential to strongly develop industry and seaports, it is not surprising that in the past 1-2 years, Phu My is strongly absorbing knowledgeable real estate investors. "From 2016 up to now, the average price of land here has increased by 20% - 30% per year. Although not as aggressive as other places, real estate projects in Phu My have been well received by buyers. Golden Citi project in the residential area of ​​Hac Dich ward, though not yet officially offered, has received the attention of many investors. " Mr. Nguyen Minh, representative of a real estate floor in District 9 is now moving to Phu My - Ba Ria area.

Golden Citi is a land project consisting of 23 products, located at the existing central residential area of ​​Hac Dich Ward, Phu My Town. In addition to the advantages of the locality having good economic potential, the advantage of location in the center and the price of only 1.3 billion VND / 600m2 has made this project attractive not only for investors. but guests also buy to stay or rent.

High safety investment projects are attracting buyers in Phu My

"If compared to neighboring provinces such as Binh Duong or Dong Nai, the land price in dat nen Phu My - Ba Ria is still very attractive, for example, Golden Citi project, if the unit price is calculated from 2.2 million / m2. This is the price I think is not only reasonable but also safe for investors in the present time. " Mr. Minh explained more about the phenomenon of projects being traded quickly in Phu My town in the present time.

It can be said that, besides soft prices, the rapid filling speed of industrial parks in Phu My is giving investors a lot of confidence in real estate transactions. As in the Golden Citi project, the Samsung industrial park 200m away was licensed and the construction was prepared in the near future, creating peace of mind for buyers.

Golden citi phu my ba ria

Golden Citi, the central location of Hac Dich and Phu My wards, easily moves to major industrial zones of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province such as Samsung Industrial Park, Chau Duc Industrial Park, Phu My Industrial Park ...
"According to my assessment, Golden Citi is not only an attractive project in terms of investment but also for leasing. With the distance from the industrial parks and the seaport in the 7km radius, it is clear, this is a very project worth owning. " Ms. Hoang Lan, a customer who has just booked a seat at Golden Citi project, said.

Golden Citi is located only the distance of facilities of Hac Dich ward such as market, school ... within a radius of 500m. Currently, from Golden Citi, investors can quickly connect to important points like Thi Vai Port - Cai Mep (7km away), Long Thanh Airport (15ph), Ba Ria City (15ph) and Ho Chi Minh City (45ph). By 2019, when Ben Luc - Long Thanh highway was opened, residents of the project could quickly connect to the West.

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