Metro Star

❄ Project name: Metro Star
Án Project location: 360 Xa Lo Ha Noi, Phuoc Long A Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
❄ Type of investment: complex including high-class apartments, commercial townhouses and villas
Tư Investor: Soilbuild Group - Singapore's leading real estate group in joint venture with C.T Land
Metro Metro Star Hanoi Highway: Including 2 Tower, each Block is 25-30 stories high

❄ Tower 1: 30 floors & 2 car tunnels
❄ Tower 2: 30 floors & 2 car tunnels
❄ Project area: 18.337.5m2
❄ Building density (tower block): 33%
❄ A total of 1,600 commercial apartments with 2 commercial complexes
❄ Local facilities: 100 + utilities
Block Block number: 6 Number of floors: 25 - 30 floors, including 2 basements Number of apartments: 1,600 units
❄ Internal utilities: about 100 modern utilities and services divided into 7 specialized zones.
Hữu Ownership form: Long-term, clear legal status.

metro star

Apartment in district 9 is located in a synchronous development area which is the gateway to the East of Saigon adjacent to District 2, Thu Duc district and Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces ..
It has a rapid growth in all aspects and is one of 6 districts of Ho Chi Minh City in the process of urbanization, the plan to 2025 and District 9 will be the center of knowledge and technology urban High with many projects, the project will be formed in the future (high-tech park with scale of 872 ha; 800 ha national university area; Historical and cultural park - ethnic 395 ha).
And it only takes 20 minutes for customers from Metro Star project to easily move to the center of District 1, a very convenient location.
Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien route is expected to officially put into operation and operate in 2020. Vanh Dai 3 Road passes through District 9, connecting this area to the city center, Thu Thiem Monorail - Long International Airport City, ...

Apartment 360 Hanoi Highway - Metro Star Project District 9 is planned and scientific, functional subdivision is very reasonable, green areas are interspersed between utility works to bring living space Green standard is right on the trend of trendy development.
Metro Star apartments are designed in Singapore standard style, aiming at a green, dynamic and modern life - where the living space is close to and in harmony with nature. The project is designed with many groups of apartments from 2 - 3 bedrooms with an area ranging from 55m2 - 74m2 and are meticulously elaborated - where generations of Metro Star residents settle and cultivate for the generation continuation. In which there are loft apartments with spacious and airy space but also very cozy. Owning a loft apartment, you can own a living space through the air, natural light and constantly inspire creativity ...
Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien route is expected to officially put into operation and operation in 2020.
Ring Road 3 passes through District 9, connecting this area to the city center, Thu Thiem Monorail - Long Thanh International Airport, ...
Thousands of billions of dong has been invested by the city to upgrade and expand the main traffic routes such as Nguyen Duy Trinh, Nguyen Xien, Do Xuan Hop, build Phu Huu bridge, Tang Long bridge, ...
New Eastern Bus Station, Oncology Hospital 2, Aeon Mall Hypermarket, Metro Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien Station, ... will be put into use in the future.
This is really a favorable condition, when these roads are completed to shorten the travel time to residents of Metro Star District 9 easily connected between new urban residential areas in the area as well as to central area of ​​urban core of the city such as: can ho quan 9
From Metro Star Hanoi Highway to District 1 center takes 10-15 minutes by car. It only takes 30 minutes to move from Suoi Tien to Ben Thanh via the Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien tram route, 20km long passing through districts 1,2, 9, Binh Thanh, Thu Duc and a part of Di An (Binh Duong), ...
Since then, creating a new development, convenient in exchanging, exchanging culture, economy, education of residents of Metro Star Apartment in District 9 in particular and residents of the whole District 9 area. general. At the same time, maximizing the potential of apartments for rent in order to increase the value of real estate owned by Metro Star in District 9 because this is the area with a lot of high-tech industrial parks and factories of Big corporation based here.

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